Monday, March 16, 2009

Back To Business

Gerai : Serious
Okay. Since i've been away for some times, i'm gonna relate it with an issue. Since this blog itself called The Earth Is Ours, then i guess i should say something earthy. Huhu. On this 28th March, which means the last Saturday of 2009's March, we, as a humankind, are encourage to turn off lights and energy in an effort to support the Earth Hour campaign. Malaysia will participate it for the first time nationally, and the likes of KLCC and KL Tower are showing their support too, joining the big names such as Rome's Colosseum, Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco, Coca Cola billboard in Times Square and many more.

But, what for? Do you realise that you are using energy, almost every day, 365 days a year without you notice, unless your house or wherever you live is blackout or you forget to settle your bill. Thus, is it impossible for you to just left it only for an hour? Let us, and i begging all of us, show our love and support to our Mother Nature.

Warung : Can you?