Saturday, September 26, 2009

Answer For A Non-Question

I've told her, but 'll never push her.
No answer. Quite koma?(which makes her looks even cuter...:-)
No, she's not koma, kn? Hehe...kidding.(asal macam pantat je gedik ayat aku ni?)
Try again?
Don't think so.
Well, I guess, we know the answer.

P/S: Wani, ejas skit. Ngeh ngeh

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Smile. The E.N.D.

Argh. Hati seperti dicarik carik oleh batu tumpul. Segalanye seperti pasti. Aku dah x mampu menipu diri. Senyuman semakin plastik, dan ketawe seperti senamrobik. Tinta menitis di atas Luh Mahfuz bahawa semua ini akan berlaku, dan aku hanya mampu berfikir akan laluan yang telah diletakkan aku di atasnya. Dan mustahil untuk aku menafikan kebesaran tinta-Nya, maka bersenyumlah dan kembali berfikir tentang segalanya. Hikmah. Penabahan diriku. Kecundangkah aku hanya kerana sebuah senyuman yang bukan ditakdirkan untukku? Dan matikah aku kerana hati meninggalkan nadi? Jika Tuhan janjikan aku bidadari di syurga, atau ular batu di neraka?

For the first time in my life, I cried not because of a death. I cried for something I smiled before. The smile every time I closed my eyes, and saw her there. No, she was never with me. I never even know her smell, but from my eyes, from my ears of hearing her voice sometime, I saw the beauty of the world. A voice that can make my heart smiling himself.

How stupid I am to think of her... she's too noble that she even answered my call everytime I call...well, not everytime. And she even smile when she answered it, because she's such a nice girl. Once she said that he’s just a friend, I agreed with her says, and I'm so stupid. And all of sudden, it was Too Phat. Don’t ever trust them when they said that he’s just a friend. But, I’m her friend, still, and he is my friend too. Should I destroy the friendship with her, and him, so that I can no longer thinking of her? There’s no more laugh can be created for her, as nothing will go honestly for me anymore. Macam poyo, but remain cool and smile, when in fact the heart seems no longer beating? How I wish to die, and find a place somewhere there, if I could. God, send me somewhere so that I can delete her from my memory. And, let her live happily until she closed her eyes, and smiling. If she knows this, I wanna thank her for this little piece of smile she gave me, and you man, look for her, and keep her smiling for the rest of her life.

P/S: Keep the smile behind the tears.

Real Lity.

I love her, but I'll never get her. Life is not like a movie where a fat, specky guy can get his dream girl at the end. Even in Paul Blart, when Kevin James finally got Jayma Mays, he's somehow cute and white, and he's the director. So, no wonder he can get her. But I'm not. Not handsome, not tall, not white, not funny, no good voice, no money, nothing. Not even close to a single. How can ever I wish it to her, the three words? If I did, I would sound like the most idiot guy on the planet. She's like a...a wow. Cannot be describe. She's like an island, where every beauty and happiness lies on it. Her voice, herself, the character, her eyes, her smile. Even in the next life, I'll never get nearer to her. God, send her the best guy to look for her, and I pray that no one would ever hurt her, not even a single bite from a mosquito. And even if I die, I'll bring the memory of her, the smile, the looks, to accompany me there, and wish that someone will tell her that I love her, or maybe not. No, better not let her know about my existence at all.

P/S: You, I thank Him for sending you in my life, although you never know me. And thank you for not to know me. Love you even if the Sun stop shining.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


You’re just too paradise in my eyes
And a heaven is there in your eyes
A glance and a stare can paused my heartbeat
And a smile kills me in a blink

Voice from you
Makes the time stop
And I was praying that it lasts forever
For me, to hear, to feel you

But no, it’s not
It’s too angelic for me, you
I’m no in your league
And not me, you deserve an angel

I’m nothing, and deserve nothing
Not even a piece of your thought
Yes, you’re there in the sky, and I’m just sand
In an alcove, nowhere
To think of you alone put me far beyond my world

Sorry dear, for having you in my heart
I cry tried, but never succeed
Because you’re just to vivid here in my memory
That’s why, I decided to die
Peace in hell, and praying for you to heaven with him, there.