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Aku masih tidak berpuas hati berkenaan dengan Bahasa Melayu menjadi Bahasa Malaysia. Ah, ini tidak ada kaitan dengan pos Pyol yang macam sial geli nak mampos. Celaka. Cuba lu orang baca essay bawah ni.


(By Mark Derron James and Muhamad Azraei Bin Idros)

Ever heard about internet? Today, it is almost compulsory for everyone to at least know what is internet. Internet seems to be one of the greatest ever breakthrough in the history of mankind. Internet was initially invented around 1970s, but it was not until early 1990s when the network went public and creates a new era in the world’s history (, 2009). Although it makes it easier for us in information searching besides improving our way of communication, the misuse of it can lead us to negativity such as copyright infringement as well as pornography issue.

Nowadays, information searching is much easier and better compare to the pre-internet era where libraries and bookstores were the places to find a book and have a reference. It still happens today, but with the help of internet, it gives us extra option to just browse the internet and search for information. As internet has an unlimited access of information and sources, it provides us more results. As a book can only provide related-issue things, for example economy-related information from an economy book, internet on the other hand offers various options from various sources. Internet also offers people the latest update and news as internet is updated frequently. Search engine such as Yahoo! and Google only required internet users to type any words or things that they are looking for, and within minutes, the result will appear on their screen. Another revolution, Wikipedia, created a new dimension of encyclopedia, where people can look for anything from this e-encyclopedia.

Besides that, internet also improves our way of communication. In this fast-moving world, where time is really precious, communication is very important. Faster and wider communication helps people to cope with the world today. Therefore, when electronic mail (known as e-mail) first intervene the rapid-grow world, it created a lot of different. People can send information faster and in a longer distance. Internet also helps people to keep in touch with someone, anytime anywhere. One of the examples of this stay-connected thing is Myspace, where it created the phenomena of social-networking. Besides being connected with, they can also look for new friends and creates their own network as well. Online chatting is another example of connecting people through internet, in which people can have a direct communication with anyone. Some examples of online chatting services are Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and Skype.

However the misuse of it can bring harms to internet user. One of the most questioned issues regarding this is about pornography. As internet provides unlimited access of information searching, pornography searching also is included in that ‘unlimited access’. Statistic from Family Safe Media web in 2007 shows that for every second, 28,258 internet users are viewing pornography and there are around 4.2 million pornography websites in the internet (Family Safe Media, 2007). This situation can create an unhealthy circumstance for everyone, especially children, as they can easily been exposed to pornography at early age. The statistic shows that children are averagely first exposed to pornography through internet as early as 11 years old, and this number really concerns everyone, especially parents. When they are exposed to pornography, they tend to think about it, and immaturity prevents them to think what is right and what is wrong. Thus, it creates many problems such as free sex and teen pregnancy.
Furthermore, copyright infringement also occurs due to the misuse of the internet. It all started back in June 1999 when Napster, a web that lets people download free software that enables them to swap music stored on each other's computers for free first hit the internet (Businessweek Online, 2000). Through this idea, more and more file-sharing software and free downloaded websites emerge in the internet every year. Although it sounds good for user as they can get songs for free, it is not something welcomed by music producers and those who involved with music business. Their profit decreased caused by the decreasing in number of songs and album sales, resulting music company to start suing related webs and those who downloaded from the website. As a result, many users, especially students were fined regarding this issue, which creates more and more problems when it involves the court.
In a nutshell, based on the above ideas, we can conclude that despite the benefits offered by the internet, there are still some bad things involved when we misuse the internet. Thus, the question whether does it sounds benefit, or does it brings us more harmful is quite subjective. Just like any other invention or technologies, they have their own pros and cons. Therefore, internet users are advised to practice wisdom in browsing internet, as mentioned by Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor (Zim Mis, 2009). It is not about how bad or good things are, it is about how we deal and apply them in our routine.


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Ha, amacam? Ala, tak ada kaitan pun dengan Bahasa Malaysia. Gua saja nak suruh lu orang baca karangan gua masa darjah 3 dulu ni. Daripada duk tak berusik dalam laptop, baik bagi lu orang baca.

Tapi gua tetap tak puas hati Bahasa Melayu jadi Bahasa Malaysia.

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