Monday, May 10, 2010

Glee Is Another Word For Loser

Bukan aku cakap. Sue Sylvester cakap.

Jadi, tahniah lah aku ucapkan kepada skuad Ancelotti kerana menjadi juara. Ok, Man Utd runner-up, it's ok what. It's Glee. Haha.

Well, I mean it makes me smile because when I look back at the table standing, there's Arsenal below, and then there's Spurs, Man City and Aston Villa. Hm, sounds something's missing. Apa erk? Birmingham? Fulham? Atletico Madrid? Ah, can't figure it out.

By the way, the poll comes to an end, and Twilight has won it!

Ok, damn I'm not gonna use it for my layout.

Esok lusa, keluar la layout baru. Kot.

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