Thursday, April 14, 2011

In The Making Of A Story

And you were there, at the end of the corner. Surrounded by friends, and happiness. It was like there's a moon on your face. You smile, you laugh, and I'm smiling inside. I don't know who you are, but your smile smiles me back. :-)

Can I go near to you? Can I ask for your name? Can I this, can I that? Can I can I?

I calmed my heart down, and tell him to be on the ground for real. She's not for us, I told my heart. Looking at her alone is way out of our league. We better take a step back and leave the moment there. And I walked away, smiling by myself.

As I'm on my way retreating from this feeling, I turned back for one second to have the final smile. The last one. But you're not there anymore. Yet, I'm not disappointed, because I knew you were real. And the chance of that glance means a world for me.

And dear God, thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for this chance. Thanks for giving me the chance to believe in angel. Thank you for sending her even for a second. Because that one second filled the entire life of mine.

Thank you for the smile, my dear. :-)

*Petikan ayat di atas bukanlah sebahagian daripada sajak Melayu nukilan Usman Awang. Bukan sama sekali.