Thursday, September 24, 2009

Real Lity.

I love her, but I'll never get her. Life is not like a movie where a fat, specky guy can get his dream girl at the end. Even in Paul Blart, when Kevin James finally got Jayma Mays, he's somehow cute and white, and he's the director. So, no wonder he can get her. But I'm not. Not handsome, not tall, not white, not funny, no good voice, no money, nothing. Not even close to a single. How can ever I wish it to her, the three words? If I did, I would sound like the most idiot guy on the planet. She's like a...a wow. Cannot be describe. She's like an island, where every beauty and happiness lies on it. Her voice, herself, the character, her eyes, her smile. Even in the next life, I'll never get nearer to her. God, send her the best guy to look for her, and I pray that no one would ever hurt her, not even a single bite from a mosquito. And even if I die, I'll bring the memory of her, the smile, the looks, to accompany me there, and wish that someone will tell her that I love her, or maybe not. No, better not let her know about my existence at all.

P/S: You, I thank Him for sending you in my life, although you never know me. And thank you for not to know me. Love you even if the Sun stop shining.