Tuesday, September 1, 2009


You’re just too paradise in my eyes
And a heaven is there in your eyes
A glance and a stare can paused my heartbeat
And a smile kills me in a blink

Voice from you
Makes the time stop
And I was praying that it lasts forever
For me, to hear, to feel you

But no, it’s not
It’s too angelic for me, you
I’m no in your league
And not me, you deserve an angel

I’m nothing, and deserve nothing
Not even a piece of your thought
Yes, you’re there in the sky, and I’m just sand
In an alcove, nowhere
To think of you alone put me far beyond my world

Sorry dear, for having you in my heart
I cry tried, but never succeed
Because you’re just to vivid here in my memory
That’s why, I decided to die
Peace in hell, and praying for you to heaven with him, there.


  1. pergi??? whats mean by that phrase???? is it for someone?????

  2. argh, maen anonymous lak da...
    pergi?tah, cam sedap je ungkapan tu...haha
    to whom, it depends on your own judgement.