Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Based On True Story (Bukan Edward Cullen)

She supposed to be at home by now, he told himself. He called her, but there was no answer. He tried one more time, but still, no one at the other end of the phone, or at least no one answering it. ‘Maybe she’s sleeping’, he tried to comfort his heart, who desperately wanted to try again and again, only to be stopped by his strong feeling on her. He did not want to disturb her in any case. Maybe she has something else to do.

1.45 a.m. He had no ideas what to do. Usually, the night before she went back to her school, she’ll miss called him. He never really sure what is the main purpose of her miss calling him, but every time it happened, he was like bird-ly flying to the sky and smile all the way all the time. The miss call is something he is waiting for. It seems like all his problems were gone from his shoulder everytime it happened. Then, when he called her back, and the call was answered, that’s it. He is the happiest man ever. But unfortunately, that night wasn’t it. She didn’t. He was just too, sad. His feeling was undescribeable, and he had an ultimate reason of feeling sad. Nothing he could do, which makes him even harder to accept the fate. THE FATE.


“Just let me go to a better place for myself. It will make everyone happier. This is the best for the sake of everyone. Please stop crying mom. I’m sure you don’t want me to see you for the last time with tears on your face,” Mark spoke to her mother softly and in the most pleasant voice. He tried to convince his mom that everything is going to be just fine.

“No son! I’ll lose my life if you weren’t here,” cried his mother. She cried her lung out and only tears and screaming can describes her at the time.

“Mom, you’re going to have a better life after this. Trust me. (Smiling) You’ll no longer have to think about my hospital fees, about me, about every burden that I’d brought into everyone’s life and memory. Spend the money on Johnny and Sara. They have a great future lies in front of them, waiting to be seized later. You could tell that from their eyes,” convinced him once again, but this could really be the last words from him. He was too tired to even open his eyes.

Karen was crying crazily, as she now realized that nothing could stop Mark from ‘killing’ himself. The doctor is going to bring him to ER and begun the operation. Karen did not want to release Mark from her arms, and the staffs also could not help themselves from stopping her, as they were too sad watching every single moment happened in that room, that night. Even if all the things that happened in front of their eyes were just a dream, it may still be the saddest memory for them. And no, it is not a dream.

The doctor tried to calm Karen down, and it is not until half an hour later that he managed to do that, only after Karen had lost all her energy through the tears and sadness. Karen was just too weak at that time, and she fell due to the tiredness. Sorrow is waiting for her once she woke up, later.


Smiling, Jeanne grabbed her phone and called her most lovely friend, but there was no answer. She tried once again, yet still. Maybe I should go and meet him at his house, she thought by herself. She ran downstairs, and went outside. She reached her bicycle, and cycled it to his house. Minutes later, she was in front of his house. She screamed calling his name, and laugh and joke were on her mind at the moment. She knew that those things will happen once he came out from his house. He never failed to cheer Jeanne up, even when he is having the most difficult time for himself. He loved her too much. Yes, she is his bestfriend, but deep inside, he cannot stop lying himself that his heart is totally about her. Her laugh, her pain, her eyes, her smile, her tears. He had done everything for her to make sure she’s smiling and laughing all the time. He never wants her to feel pain, suffer, and sorrow.

But she will. Once Karen came out and meet her, she will. And Jeanne will found out that the event of her not answering Mark that night, with the intention of making him miss her, will be THE regret of her life, and will turn her out to be the one who is missing.

P/S: Grammar bersepah. Aku bukannya budak VI ke, Convent Bukit Nenas ke. Aku dari Pulau tawar, Jerantut Pahang.

Oh, btw. Al-Fatihah untuk my lovely friend, Emma Nadia Daud yang pulang ke 'sana' Ahad lepas. May Allah bless you sayang.

(Edited) Owh, pasal Pulau Tawar dan Emma Daud je true story. Laen sume reke. Eyh, tak, saya bukan VI mahupun Convent. Itupun reke.


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