Friday, January 16, 2009


Warung: Tidak membuat deria langsung (Doesn't make any sense)
100million pound sterling for a man,equals to 200million dollar? What on earth make such a guy thinks a man should be valued around 9-figure money? Well, that's what a sheikh is thinking at the moment when he is interested in signing Ricardo Kaka and bring him to Man City. The question is, does Kaka worth that amount of money?

I'm not a football specialist, nor a journalist. But as a normal human, it's totally insane. African country are having poverty, and with a million dollar(RM 3.50m), a lot can be done to help approximtely thousands of kids. But when you talk about 200 times more than a million dollar, just imagine how it can turn African country into a new country. But, instead of helping millions of children whose thirst of education and better life are amazingly storied in The Color of Purple,starring Oprah Winfrey, he, who was estimated to be worth $30bn, are more passions to satisfy his fantasy dream. Creating a football team with big names on the team's line-up. Hoping to win Champions League in 3 years time by spending money and money. You wish.

Winning is not about spending money to get the best player, and ask them to deliver the medals. It's about how you spend your money to get a bunch of ordinary players, and win with those ordinary players. That's how winning can make others impress on you. Sir Alex Ferguson spent 12m pound on an unknown 18-years-old guy named Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, and established that guy to be worth hundreds of million of pound today.

In a meantime, he should also thinks about the world today. How $200m can change the world. As a corporate, social responsible must be his aim. Helps Gaza and Palestine for example. As a Muslim, he should 1st concern about his 'brothers' who are fighting and dying for the sake of Islam. Just imagine how much can help handed by $200m. Just for the sake of humankind, no one who kicks a ball on a pitch for 90minutes worth $100m. Tunnel your wealth for Earth instead.

Gerai: Whatever is, it is still his money.

Warung: What a profit can be gained if that is my capital for my business!

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