Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When You Look Me In The Eyes

Among us, influence like A7x, System, and other head-banging bands are our belief. And indie start slowly virusing our minds. Kempis and adh. But, I've a secret to tell, but it's just to 'rock' to tell in public. So, i scratch my words here, and it's the big secret coming on!
I'm addicted to Jonas Brothers lately. Haha. Funny? My RnB soul, Timbaland and Dr. Dre-ish, have slowly being replaced by this 3 youngsters. Ahaks. And, I'm starting my life every morning with a 'someone looking into my eyes'! Biatch, uh?

Owh, and my problem with the 'girl' had solved. I'm really,really glad to have her name back in my inbox message. I know she's not reading this, but, if she did, I jus wanna tell her how much I thank Him for us. Days without you is just like having nasik lemak without sambal! You have a rice, with boiled eggs and slices of cucumber. It's just ok, but no 'hot and spicy' value. Although sometimes it makes you sakit perut,(cm mkn nasik lemak kt kdai tina), but that's the true color of sambal. You keep blaming for the sambal, but when you have qada the hajat, you will miss it again.

Haha, such a klise. I'll never compare you to sambal. Because you mean the world to me. Hehe. And by the time you look me in the eyes, and tell me that you love me, everything's alright, when you right here by my side. I catch a glimpse of heaven, and I just found my paradise when you look me in the eyes.

Warung: This is real me, but still dont like Demi Lovato


  1. weyh,ni luahan aku yg plg iklas tw
    xpnh aku lbeyh iklas drp ni dlm idup ni