Friday, January 16, 2009

Words That Make Me Willing To Die

Warung: It's true
Reached my room, lied down on my bed, eyes on my notebook. Then, a friend coming to me.

'Israel bom Palestin ngan Masjid Al-Aqsa.'

I left silent. Volcano is just inside here(pointing on my chest). I could say nothing. The very 1st word coming out from my mouth. Fucker. Pull my blanket, keep my body covered(tutup aurat,as I was only wif my boxer), and keep my finger crossed. I prayed to God, but couldn't find any word to ask. My heart keep burning. This is too much, my heart keep telling me that sentence. I try to send some messages to all my friend to pray to Him, to destroy Israel. But I couldn't. I scratch my words here hoping that whoever read this, spread the idea of praying to God to destroy Israel.

Do I need to hate US? I believe some of them are also against the attack on Gaza. In fact, I believe many are against it. The world are against it. But there's nothing anyone can do,except someone. Someone that is representing US. The one that the task burden on his shoulder I believe is the heaviest. Is the only hope of all this is going to stop. Is it going to stop? Please stop for the sake of the world. What a shame for human race, who can think, who can read, who can even talking, to act just like animal who cannot do those things. (Sorry animal races!) We call us humankind, when we act like none?

Gerai : What a shame for us to kill our own species....

Warung: ....when aliens are just laughing at us.

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